Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chile Rellenos

7 Fresh Green Chilies or (1 can whole green chilies, Ortega)
7 oz. Hoop, Farmer or other low fat cheese
7 Fresh Chicken eggs
   1. If you can buy fresh green California chilies broil them 2" from the heating element, turning often until all sides are blistered. Wrap in damp towel for 5 minutes. Peel skins. Canned whole green chilies can be substituted. Make a small slit in each Chile and stuff with one oz. of cheese.
   2. For each pepper use 1 egg. Separate egg whites and beat until very stiff. Beat yolks until light yellow and add 1 tsp. whole wheat flour per egg. for low-fat diets eliminate yolks. You can use egg-beater.
   3. Heat a cured cast iron or Teflon pan. Lay a strip of batter the length of Chile. When batter is set lay the Chile on top and cover with batter. Turn and cook each side for approximately 3 minutes. You may serve plain or cover with ranchero sauce. To keep warm place in covered pan in the oven at lowest temperature setting.
   One Chile is one serving.

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